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Register with the International Pets Database

Keep your pet safe

Register with the International Pets Database

EVERY pet registered on our International Pets Database is provided with a GPR collar tag displaying a unique ID number that is permanently linked to you, our websites and 24/7 Lost and Found call centre.

Global Pet Register

Anyone who finds your pet wearing our unique GPR ID tag can contact us via our 4 methods (NFC, QR code, web or phone) of alert to get your pet home quickly and safely.

President od the IPATA "Global Pet Register offers owners of pets in transit an incredible layer of security that microchips simply cannot compete with"

Manuel Luenda - President of IPATA

Moving overseas? Do you plan to rely on your pet's microchip or a traditional collar tag as a lost and found solution for your pet?

Q: Do you know what is on your pet's microchip and if so did you update the information before your relocation?

No pet owner details are stored on the microchip, just a serial number. Microchips are not tracking devices. If someone finds your pet and makes the effort to take it to the vet to be scanned, the vet has to then locate the correct database the microchip is registered on. This will prove difficult as there can be multiple databases in each country. GlobalPetRegister overcomes this!

Q: Do you use a traditional collar tag?

This may have your previous local contact number on display which is no longer valid. GlobalPetRegister overcomes this!

For your security we recommend that you do not display your contact details on your pet tag. GlobalPetRegister overcomes this!

Call us today on +353 1 886 7700 to sign up for GlobalPetRegister